Teachers TTC?


Hey everyone!

I’m a middle school band teacher. My husband and I have been actively TTC for 10 cycles. So far, nothing. No positive HPT, AF always shows up. We are both healthy and 29 years old. It’s been a really discouraging journey.

Somebody was telling me that they tried for 10 months as well, and the only reason they got pg is because they changed jobs to a less stressful job. I’ve also been told that I might have more luck in the summer, when I’m off and have less job stress.

As you can imagine, being a band director keeping a program afloat, concert seasons in December and May, and just dealing with middle school kids and their parents in general is a very energy-sucking, time consuming, and physically draining type of job. I LOVE it, but I am dead when I get home every night. On top of it all, DH and I just bought our first house as well, and the projects keep coming.

Does anyone have any thoughts on TTC being a teacher, or with other types of stressful jobs? Any teachers out there with kids have any ideas about what worked for them? Love to hear from ppl in the same boat. I love this community!