I need help!!!! Pcos and need to lose 3 1/2 stone

Please please please advise me on how to effectively lose weight with pcos !! Weight is literally my only struggle I don’t really have acne or excess hair and I don’t have a great amount of cysts but my weight is just ridiculous

I eat mainly gluten free. I don’t really eat a lot of pasta or bread either. My downfall is rice I love it so much so I don’t want to give it up totally but I know it needs to reduce.

My big issue is snacking- I’m addicted to chocolate! I love it and I need help reducing that drastically.

Apart from the chocolate, I don’t eat masses of takeaway or unhealthy foods, lots of fruit and veg and meat but I can’t seem to shift anything 😩 I’m desperate now. I was thinking of trying the Keto diet but I think it’s going to be too difficult for me

I just need something simpler to follow that’s going to be effective. I’m not looking for a miracle just something that will help me lose weight slowly but surely