Always take before and after pictures!


I worked out all during my pregnancy and during my 3-month maternity leave (once I was cleared). But once I went back to work, I stopped taking care of myself for almost a year. In July 2018, I decided to get back to the gym. I was consistent but didn’t go too hard. Beginning in January 2019 (and even more so in the last month or two) I’ve really cranked it into gear. I feel 1000x better as far as endurance, mental health, heart rate, etc. but didn’t feel like I looked any different. I just compared my July 2018 to April 2019 pictures and feel so great. I’m now even 100x more motivated to keep it up! So glad I took pics, even though I felt stupid and embarrassed doing it.

(It bothers me so much that I’m facing two different directions but I didn’t feel like redoing the pic 😖)