He’s 54. I’m 33.....worth trying?

Okay so he doesn’t look it at all. He has kids but they’re older. I have two young teen and soon to be teen.

We met at crawfish festival and were playing corn hole and laughing. Well after a day in the sun and closing time. He got my number. I’ve never seen him around town and I’m on dating sites and I’ve never seen him. I didn’t know how old he was. My kids were with me and he hung out with us and we laughed and it was nice.

Well my question now knowing his age and how interested he actually is in me.

Would you pursue it? I mean I wasted three years to a man bc I ignored the red flags and got older and wanted another baby. I still do want another baby. But at what point do you know or just say oh well I can’t have it all? Or do you think the age is a problem?

Thanks ladies

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