Podcast Rights—Sword and Scale


I’m a huge true crime podcast listener and recently my current podcast of choice changed hosts due to some sexually harassing things he said over Twitter (not the point of the post). For this, he was rightfully taken off the show. However, other people are also coming after the ex-host for playing full audio recordings of 911 calls, trials, and interviews on his podcast as they see that as tasteless. To me, a true crime junkie, it makes the podcast more interesting. To be clear, all of the recordings that he played were/are public record so anyone can access them...he just put them all in one place and gave context. Adding to the controversy is a man who asked the ex-host to take down a specific recording. He asked him to take down the 911 call he had made as a little boy when his dad murdered his mom. Do you think it’s okay for full recordings to be played on such true crime podcasts? Do you think there should be limitations? What happens if someone asks that the specific recording be taken off?

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