Baby movements return. What I did (with background story)

So I was starting to get concerned last week about how my baby changed in movements.

Worst part is my gyn gave me a span of 5 weeks between my checkups because she went on holiday. And I did an appointment with my midwife after 3 weeks just for a ctg because 5 weeks 3rd trimester is too long but she too cancelled on me an hour before. Called other docs who said they can only give me appointment in case STH is wrong, but I can have ctg, which I didn't take because my midwife was doing it...but she disappointed just when all Doc's had closed n only option I would have is a hospital which takes only big emergencies.

Anyway. I was angry. Baby movements were so slow and so soft if I settled. If I was active, I felt nothing. I came from very active baby to very quiet baby. What used to be strong hard kicks in a minute turned to soft, light pressure in an hour. Before it was counterproductive to count how many movements I got an hour because I felt like I got over 10 in a minute. Now, I was happy if I felt 10 an hour. I don't have anterior placenta but I stopped seeing kicks. But still I counted 10 tender movements an hour. They were more in my inside too. What used to be 20 movement sessions during the time am awake turned to 10! The whole day. a movement session would last 15-30 minutes of rolling, kicking, etc before and now I was just getting a small flatter here and there.

I watched for pain or bleeding. Prayed for my baby but also talked to him to move and be healthy. Increased my water intake despite not feeling like it. Started squats and spinning baby inversions.

Slowly I felt stronger kicks in my bladder... Hurt! Then slowly the rolling came back gently in my insides, then kicks in me sides(waist) came back, the stretching n pressure n pushing returned, baby gets more active each day more and more. Now I feel all types of movements, baby moves for a longer period like before (20 minutes) n repeats cycle every hour, most activity being morning or bed time like before. My moods have returned. I now feel the hickups too down low in my groin region to the left. And the pressure that was on my ribs reduced.

Now I failed to get this checked out so I neither know if the change in movements was due to baby being stressed or laying in a bad position. But am still happy I got baby to move normally again in their usual routine. Either way, if I have helped baby feel better or helped baby go back to head down, I am still happy.

Thanks to all that helped me with advice.

Am going to keep doing the spinning baby exercises even if baby is head down. And keep that water going. I admit, my addiction to melon was getting into the way of me drinking my enough.

Ps. I know baby is head down because I feel movements where I felt them at my last gyn appointment and scan showed head down. Can't wait to turn 36 weeks and go in for another check up... In 2 weeks.

I can only encourage you ladies to track your baby movements. Put in the time. If I was not so in touch with my baby's activity, I would have never known anything was wrong. And with no checkups at the moment, probably it would have been discovered late.