**I need advice**

Alexx • mommy to freyja

My newborn is 4 days she just pooped 5-7 diapers in a span of two 1/2hours. She won’t stop crying. It’s 3:50 I’m going crazy!

She’s breastfed and she eats just fine. I change her as soon as it happens..

I know I’m not supposed to do the cry out method but it seems to be the only thing that works..

right now this is what’s going on😭👇🏻👇🏻

I’m so tired.. oh and on top of that my damn boobs won’t stop leaking I’ve filled up two bottles so far 😭😭

Update so I probably shouldn’t use the word cio method.

I let het her cry for 5-10 mins depending on the sound of her cry. If she doesn’t stop crying immediately then I pick her up or try giving her a binky.

I just gave her a sponge bath and fed her a bit more hopefully we can get a nap in Bc I’m getting dizzy 😵