Ok so your girl here lost her Virginity a couple weeks ago... to get things started me and him were not a “thing” we hadn’t been consistently “talking” and we weren’t talking. I am 17 years old, 18 in a month so I’m not young I’m very mature for my age aswell. To be honest with you I’m not too sure why I did it, I was out with friends and drinking (you can drink with parents consent where I’m from legal age is 18) he messaged me and we met up and we hooked up and then yeah... it was a terrible experience may I add! No pleasure at all, I wasn’t even sure it went in or not? There was pain and i bled a little after but I did not feel it go in? He was moaning and saying shit that really did not turn me on? It was just an awkward and shit experience I am really innocent so I’m really inexperienced! I hadn’t even masturbated before 🤦🏽‍♀️ I did not know myself and I’m so angry at myself for doing it! But I’m not ashamed or anything!

Anyway! Long story short he dropped me back off to my friends after he kissed me on the cheek and said talk later.. anyway the whole next day no message from him. So I decide to message him the next day and say “hey sorry for the awkwardness last night, keen to hang sometime xx” and I get a response saying “haha yeah sure x” and with that shit response I was angry? I said “upto” and he responded “I’m high, going to bed” wtf? Didn’t even know he smiled first off? And what a shit response! So i didn’t reply and it has been 3-4 weeks now and there has been no message sent from him to me? I blocked him on Snapchat, removed him from my private Instagram and we have not spoken!

MAY I ADD, he knew it was my virginity that he took. He knew it was my first time. He knew it would be somewhat special to me and he hasn’t put any effort into messaging me? Although I feel bad because maybe it’s my fault? Because I was so awkward and didntknow what to do? Or is it because he didn’t like me? I’m not too sure.

Anyway turns out he has been messaging one of my best friends, saying he wants to fuck her? And she said she can’t hang out with him like that because he got with her mate (me) and he apparently got real salty and angry? Anyway he still lets me follow his imgstgram which is surpriseinh and his caption is “bitches ain’t shit”

Ummmm what?!?!?!? Bitches ain’t shit? Sorry son wtf???

And also he told me he was a virgin before he took mine (couple weeks before)

I hate boys!!

Anyway what do you think, should I just forget about him and block him and just don’t worry about him? Or should I forgive him move on. And my friend still messages him and I’m scared she’s not telling me the full story, would you care if your good friend got with the guy that took your V and then ghosted you? Hmmm 😢🐍🏆😴💩🍵

Honestly I just need advice and it just feels good to get off my chest so this has helped! I sorta just want to be a hoe lol 😭