Stress at Work


Long post: I'm a critical care nurse in a very high-stress heavy-load environment. My workplace has been pretty good about accommodating for me not being able to lift patients. My boss called me in for a meeting and told me that "a large majority" of the staff feel that I'm not a team player and that maybe I'm "not ICU material." And then she pulled out a packet of paragraphs from various people about things I've done wrong, one of which was asking someone "hey, this is a stupid question but..." And they said they didn't trust me with patients because I asked a stupid question. I don't feel welcome in this unit and I'm not sure if it's because I came in a few weeks pregnant so they were turned off to me immediately or if it's something I've done. I'm nothing but helpful unless it involves lifting and then I'll go in and talk the patient through it instead. I've never had a problem like this and considering switching units. I don't need this extra stress this close to our due date. Advice?