Kelsey • Triple Rainbow due Jan 2022 🌈

Ok so I've always been on the opposite end with this problem. When I lost my pregnancies and others were announcing it was sooooooo hard and emotional for me.

I'm 8w and had found out last week it so that my husbands cousin was pregnant as well and only 2 weeks ahead. I was so excited to be pregnant with someone.

Well last night I just found out that Thursday she went in and there was no heartbeat. She has been devastated. I also heard one of her best friends that she grew up with also went through a loss which she's closer with than me.

I sent her a text yesterday saying I was there to support her.

She still doesn't know I'm pregnant and now I'm feeling as if I should wait longer to announce. I have an ultrasound at about 13 weeks and thought maybe waiting till then.

I don't want to make her sad but I'm still so happy I have my rainbow baby and praying everything is ok with me too.

How should I approach this situation 😖 I never thought I'd be on the opposite end of it.