Birth control options


So recently I lost my virginity, I have never been on birth control... and I’ve been been doing my research on the different forms of birth control. I am fairly contemplating on the pill itself or the depo shot. I’ve had friends who have done the shot and have been fine and minimal side effects ( but obviously everyone is different and bodies react different) I wanted the shot for the simple fact I wouldn’t have to worry about taking a pill everyday at the same time. But another friend of mine who as well had the shot hated it and also pointed out that if I get the shot and I don’t like it, or the side effects are horrible it will remain in my system for the full 3 months and I don’t want to be miserable..... those are two accounts I have kept in my consideration.... I thought I could ask on here and get more perspectives and more input on the topic. I guess what question is what form of birth control do you use, and what is your experience? At the end of the day I have choose what is best for me and my body but with a sight fear and sigma around birth control I just want to hear from other in a safe place such as <a href="">Eve</a>.