Am I wrong?

Okay, I'm 31 weeks. I have several people excited for the arrival of my baby. Some I'm excited for them to meet, others, not at all.

I know one family I don't exactly want around period. At least not for several months.

This is why; they're not very clean. Their home is covered in roaches, they don't clean up after themselves, aren't big on washing their hands, smoke, and pretty much argue if I have an opinion. The biggest issue I have is their kid. They aren't very involved with him, so hes not really clean. He actually is grossly dirty. As in... they dont make him shower daily. Several times hes sat in dirty clothes, his underwear soiled in poop, its only when he smells really bad that they force him in the shower. On top of that he plays with his poop. (Yes, that is correct.) He smears it over the walls, counter tops, floors, really any surface he can, of course he doesn't wash his hands afterwards.

Of course my friend tells me often how excited they are, tells me how he cant wait becos he loves babies, she has offered babysitting if ever I need it, the works.

I always nod and smile but I've already decided it won't happen anytime soon..

**bonus question to answer in comments: would anyone else feel this way or would you be okay with bringing your infant around them?**

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