I had a miscarriage in January, and it took me and my SO about four months to fall pregnant.. I just had my period (first one after the mc) April 6-11, and we have been trying this cycle. We’ve done the OPK’s, and according to <a href="">EVE</a> my period is two days away. But according to the <a href="">Glow app</a> I am about 4-5 days late on my period. I still haven’t gotten a positive pregnancy test(I’ll post pictures below of them). All of my OPK’s this week have been BLAZING, I have tested everyday this week and they are all positive.

It’s finally starting to take am emotional toll on me because all I can think about is what if I can’t fall pregnant, and what if i can’t keep a pregnancy.. i just need some kind words of encouragement, and maybe even some reassurance.



Afternoon of Monday:


Also, all of my OPK’s have looked like this from last Monday, to yesterday.