Cut the lip and tongue tie?


My son will be 3 months on Friday. He was diagnosed with a lip tie and a mild tongue tie on Monday. It hurts to breastfeed. I still nurse him at night and to comfort him, but most of the time I’m just pumping. He was having a hard time gaining weight when I was EBing so his pedi suggested supplementing which turned into what it is now and he’s been gaining much better. Now the question is: Do I have the procedure done so we can go back to EBing or do we continue on this path with it still hurting when nursing him but pumping most of the time? I just applied for a new job so I’ll be going back to full time very soon. We don’t have a freezer stash for when he starts going to daycare. Since I have to supplement, I can’t seem to get enough to feed and supplement AND stash. But if he could EB well, I think I could get a good supply going now. Any advice? TIA!