I need serious advice please!!


Okay, so we have a 70lb dog who is super gentle with our 2 almost 3 year old, but sometimes he just forgets his size, Cause he is also pretty hyper and thinks he is a chihuahua. So today our 2 year old was bending down by the kennel and our dog got excited cause my husband was getting ready to take him to go potty and he jumped over Liam, but not all the way, and landed on him a little bit and he ended up making Liam hit his head on the kennel. And he ended up with a nasty goose egg and bruise. So I am deciding if it would be best for him to go to a family with no small children, since we have a baby on the way due in September?? I really don’t wanna get rid of him, but I need other people’s opinions who aren’t emotionally attached to the dog, so help me think clearly.