Who’s boss has been a jerk about you needing time for IVF/ infertility treatments?

vent session:

I had requested a vacation day off a month in advance, knowing that my first REI appointment would take a while. Plus the fact that my hubby is coming with so it’s important for the both of us.

My intention was to visit the doc, get a treatment plan in place and then let my boss know about it. I’m in HR mind you. But I don’t feel comfortable going to my boss unless it’s something I have a Dr’s note for. I told her that I had a Dr appt, approaching, just not what type.

Well, my work schedule has become busy very recently and without much forewarning. I was asked to travel the week of my appointment and the week after. I basically told my boss I wouldn’t be available to travel due to an appointment that I wasn’t going to change. It took 3 months to get into this doctor.

Because of this, She said I wasn’t being a team player. That’s when I let her know what I’m taking my VACATION day for. She changed her tune real quick.

Has anyone had drama when bringing up infertility struggles to their boss? How did you handle it?

I honestly think I want to quit after she accused me for not being a team player. I do a lot for her and our department and I’m underpaid and under appreciated.

I’m Feeling frustrated, offended and hurt. I don’t need this going into <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">fertility treatment</a>. She doesn’t have children so I don’t think she would even understand if I were to conceive.

I found this article that was eye opening. So many companies do not provide policies or assistance to hopeful moms to be. 😞😢