Is this real?! 😱

Amy • Married 4.5 years ❤️; Fur Momma 🐾; PCOS; One Miscarriage 💙; Pregnant with 🌈 due 3/8/20 with baby girl Hadlee 🎀

I’m still in shock.

My husband was ecstatic and we spent all night talking about it before I was so tired I had to go go sleep.

How do you ladies refrain from being stressed about something bad happening?! I keep feeling like this still isn’t real and keep feeling like it’s going to end in a chemical or something.

Is that terrible of me?! Should I just get used to the feeling or does this go away?

Just found out last night. It’s still really early but I’m going to call me OB tomorrow to see if/when she can do a blood test! 🤞🏼