I’m a little worried and concerned.

Cecily • Baby boy 💙👣🌈 (3 baby angels)

I had my first c section last Thursday on May 2nd, 6 days ago. In the hospital, I would say I healed pretty smooth and quickly. I was out by day 3. I was up moving and felt great. I get home, and that’s where things go a little off. I’ve been having a few symptoms that I don’t think should be happening but then again this is my first baby ever so I have no idea what to be expecting with this. One symptom is randomly I will get these back pains (shooting pains) they feel like there in my lower back, and it feels like it’s a pounding feeling. It like builds up and builds up and gets more painful and then just goes away. I was thinking maybe this is from my epidural but I just don’t know. When it happens it’s like my breathing will get very heavy too. Another symptom is every morning when I get up to use bathroom, not whrre my cut is, but the area around my cut stings and burns. When i pee it hurts pretty bad in that spot too. I have no pain in vagina area when I pee at all, it’s just like in my hip areas and around where the cut is. I know I’m going to be sore, but I take my pain medication and this wasn’t happening when I was in the hospital, it just feels like I’m getting worse instead of better. Has anyone had these symptoms before? Am I trippin?