Feeling discouraged

So I took a test. I’m 11 DPO. At 9 DPO I had 3 wipes of pink blood, it was verrrry light and I’m 90% sure it was implantation bleeding, it lasted during one trip to the bathroom when I peed. 30 mins later there was no blood or anything. I’m having aversions to food, headaches, sore nipples, vomiting and nausea, backpain, frequent urination, a metallic taste in my mouth and I just don’t feel like myself. I got a BFN this morning at 11dp.... did I test too soon? I thought the levels would be high enough by now? Has anyone else gotten a BFN around 11dpo and then it resulted in a positive later on? I keep telling myself maybe it was too soon but I’m losing a little hope here