First Appointment! And my babys dad got mad at me!


I went for my first Ultrasound and appointment today, my boyfriend/babys dad came with me. Yall he got mad when I asked him to leave the room when the doctor said she wanted to ask me personal questions 😤 so I left my appointment crying instead of overjoyed that my lil monster is 9 weeks and healthy. Why would he get mad at me it wasn't about the baby she literally just wanted to ask me a few personal questions! I rarely had privacy growing up so having privacy especially when I dont know what's going to be asked or anything like that is big for me. But he got so mad and hasn't said anything positive or quite frankly anything at all since he popped off on me for having him leave the room! Baby is 9 weeks and my due date is December 10th the heartbeat was 176 our lil monster was moving soo much! Is it normal for the dad to be involved in the private questions asked to me??