Updated- Really liking these press ons


... and saving $ 🤣.

These are the nails I’m wearing in the photo above for those who asked(:

This was the 3rd set of press ons I ever used and I absolutely loved them! They held on for 5 days until I decided to take them off, and they could have lasted longer if I wanted. Since I’m fairly new to these I used glue the first time and I didn’t like it. I found it too damaging to my nails and the removal had to be done with acetone. So I went on Amazon and used the set above with these:

I also purchased some clear fake nails from Amazon that I painted and this is what I switched them to:

I’m in love 😍! Lol Rounding off the part that goes near the cuticle would make them look more natural with these nails.

Also... sorry for taking a while to respond but I was busy this weekend 😁😍🥰😆❤️!!!! My bf, now fiancé, proposed to me! I have to say the nails I unknowingly painted matched perfectly for the surprise he gave me😆! I’m so excited lol

Don’t mind the stuff on my hands it’s sand from the beach where he proposed 😂!

Anyways hope you ladies enjoy trying out press ons and seeing if you like them 😄❤️ Blessings❤️