What's wrong with me!?🤧🥺


I would like to know what's so wrong with me , why everything I do is bad ...

I don't know what should I be doing with my husband , seems that even the smallest thing I do annoys him EVERYHING and I don't seem to get why?

If I don't ask what he wants for dinner he always complains about "eating always the same"

When I do ask him , he gets mad saying that that's my job and I should know what to do .. he never knows what he want to eat .

If I'm distant he always complain about me being mad all the time

And if I'm trying to show love he calls me annoying

He pushes me away every time I try to sleep close to him

But want me close to him every time I try to be away from him?

And the list goes on and on and my heart keeps breaking more and more .. 🥺

What should I do ?