Guys I'm desperate right now and confused. I'm torn between what my heart wants and what reality looks like.

When I met my husband he had just became a dad. His ex was like a booty call that he had and she ended up getting pregnant but wasnt 100% sure it was his. When they did a DNA test he found out he was the dad and told me about it. I didnt really care since it all happened before he met me.

We had a really strong connection and within 3 to 4 months of dating he asked me to marry him. A month after he proposed I found out I was pregnant and we got married.

Fast forward we are going on 4 years married with a daughter and I'm 7 months in with our son. He has visitation with his first daughter but her mom has hated my guts since the day she found out about me and at every visit gives us a really hard time.

She has accused me of lots of things and is constantly attacking me. I swear ive done nothing to this woman, never layed a hand on her, never said anything bad about her and we have even sat down to clear things up. (I'm thinking its jealousy) However she keeps attacking me. My stepdaughter is actually very close to me however whenever mom is around she ignores me which is fine because she is already in a tough spot.

What I need help is my husband wants to stop visitation because of all the things my stepdaughters mom has accused him, me and even my 3 year old daughter of doing. Recently my husband straightened his daughters hair at her request, she was begging us because I had straightned my daughters hair so my husband said ok I'll do it but not all the way.

Next thing we know she filed a police report against ME saying that I burned my step daughter's head and straightened her hair against her will. She sent a video as well that shows their daughter saying I straightened her hair and burned her and that she told me to stop and I didnt.

His ex has even accused us of child abuse not only on her daughter but on my own daughter as well. My husband wants to end visitation because he is afraid that we will be accused of something more worse and as a result get thrown in jail over lies or have our kids taken away.

I want to continue visitation because I dont want to hurt my stepdaughter and because my daughter loves her sister and asks for her everyday but at the same time I am afraid of what will happen next, My husband and I are honestly scared and question everything we do because we are afraid of the next accusation. What should I do I'm torn?