Having a M/C on Mother’s Day !!!

Kerri • ,1 Baby Boy & 3 angel 👼 babies

I’m heart broken I was expecting my 2nd little baby. But I’m in fact having a m/c and of course on all days today. I was so excited to have another baby, so my son can grow up with a best friend like I did. All I wanna do is try again but I feel like I’m just moving on to quickly like this baby was nothing ( I obviously know I need to wait until my hormones are at a 0) I can’t stop thinking about if I never got the chance to have my son what I would have missed out on and I’m wondering who this baby would have been. 😭 time heals right??? Happy mommas day to all you beautiful mammas i hope you get to all relax and I’m going to try and enjoy the rest of the day with my son ❤️