Depo shot


Okay, so not sure if this is the place to post this BUT I feel as if it is a controversial topic.

The depo shot itself does NOT make you gain weight! They didn’t administer the shot and you gained 40 pounds. The weight gain is caused by the shot increasing your appetite which intern you think you’re hungry so you eat more.

ALSO just because you had hot flashes, mood swings, un-healthy thoughts, etc. does not mean everyone else will have those symptoms.

I’m sorry but I’ve seen so many comments about “you need to get off of the shot I had 100 different types of symptoms, you’re going to get them to” and it’s frustrating.

I’ve been on the shot for 2 months now and yes my appetite has increased but I remind myself I’m not hungry and drink a glass of water and I’m fine. Or eat some carrots. I don’t pig out on fatty food, junk food, etc.