Freakin birds

So around this time there’s so many birds nesting an all that and it’s cool and all but this morning I herd birds chirping pretty loudly for me being indoors and then I herd all this rattling happening in the kitchen and that when it dawned on me


I don’t know what to do im freaking out and its starting to smell like bird in my kitchen and I feel gross cause birds carry diseases and all that.

The landlord isn’t in so there’s no way of getting a hold of maintenance to see if they can remove them or something. I’ve checked online and all pests controlled people are closed and open tomorrow but then I’m a freaking struggling college student and it’s like do I have the means to pay for something like that.

I just want them out.

Haha I’ve been hiding out in my room so far this whole day just because it freaks me out hearing them basically in my home.

I realize I’m most likely being dramatic but it’s unsettling to me.