No help on Mother’s Day 😡

I asked my husband to give me a day to myself today. I told him I didnt want any gifts, just some rest and to do things for myself for once.

I went to a 730am workout class then got coffee and walked around in the park for a bit. I got home around 10 and he’s all “where were you?!” Um, why does it matter dude? It’s my day off lol. Then proceeds to tell me that he is tired! Like?!?! Welcome to my life EVERY DAY! And it’s only 10am you still got another 9 or 10 hours before little bub goes to bed so you better do something to get that energy flow😂. Then he starts FaceTiming with one of his stupid friends who i hate because the guy is such a sleaze for like 45 min and just leaves our son in front of the TV.

Almost 4pm now and he’s taking a nap out cold snoring and my son is climbing all over me scratching my face and pulling my hair 😂😂 . So much for the day to myself! Love my son to death but I can’t even rely on my husband for the slightest help 😡.

Anyways, sorry I just needed to vent.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas and I hope you had a better day than I had