Hey, Mamma. I wish heaven had a phone. ❤️


Today marks 4 Mother’s Day celebrations I have had without you, and every year it breaks my heart. Today is one of the hardest days of the year, every year. We only got to spend 3 Mother’s Day celebrations together with both of us being Mammas. And I’m so glad you got to meet my beautiful little girl and be a part of her life, but it breaks my heart that you, as my mamma, missed me getting married, the second time, to the man of my dreams; to the best father to my angel baby, Brysen you’ve got up there with you, and my little man, Sylas who was just born. And guess what, Mamma? He’s got our nose. ❤️ I also wish you would have gotten to meet my wonderful step son, Maddyx. He’s so full of it; and he’s so funny. You would have enjoyed him. He’s so fun. Baby girl misses you and she’s gotten sooo big! She keeps a picture of the two of you on her wall. We all miss you so much, Mamma. & I would kill to hug and kiss you one last time. But you’re up there with Pops, Baby Brysen, and all my amazing brothers and sisters you lost before you had me. I hope you’re loving your time with them mamma, but I’m a bit selfish in wishing you were enjoying your time with me instead.

I love you, Mamma. And I know you’re watching over us all. Give my baby boy, Brysen a big hug and kiss for me. I miss him greatly and I wish I would have gotten to spend time with him and get to know him. I’m glad he’s got you, though.

We all love you mamma. Much much love from me, Zach, Tyler & Tawna.

Damn I wish there was a stairway to heaven right about now. ❤️