Who does the money go to?

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So a letter came in the mail at my MNL’s house for my husband saying his dad is due to pay $17,500 for back child support. My husband was outside when she opened the letter (which I HATE when she opens my husband’s mail), and she read what it said and got really excited about the day it’ll come & also cursed about his deadbeat dad & yadda yadda. So we were just casually talking about it, and I asked something about “so how do they plan on sending the money to him, all together or check by check monthly or something?”, because I was genuinely curious. I’ve never really understood the process. She hurry & cut me off to say “Oh no baby, this is my money. Y’all (which I wasn’t after money anyway, I just asked a damn question🤷🏾‍♀️) not getting any of that money. That’s from me having to take care of him all those years without any help from his dad. That’s my hard earned money. He can go to any lawyer he want, they’ll tell him he’s not getting any money & that it belongs to me. And if he think he’s getting it, I’ll get my lawyer too.” ....... 😒 Lady.. that was so uncalled for. I asked a simple question. No one is trying to fight you for any money. And he’s not even in the house to defend himself or put his 2 cents in so I just laughed & didn’t respond. He used to tell her years ago that if any back child support came in that he was getting some because once he made 14, he had to do for himself while she was busy taking care of men & spending all her time & money on them instead of him. And how he had to get a job at any early age to help her pay bills & car notes because she spent her money irresponsibility (she was a nurse making good money.. likes to order expensive house decorations, 50+ expensive porcelain dolls, hair products she couldn’t bought cheap out a local hair store, etc). He also had to buy his own uniforms, senior package & everything else. And when he graduated & got a good job, he made sure she didn’t want for anything until we started dating & he had to cut back on spoiling her (that’s why she don’t like me too much) because we had house bills & responsibilities together now (and yes, I’ve always worked so I do pitch in financially as well). Well, my question is.. is she right? Does all of that money belong to her, regardless of it coming in under his name? I mean, don’t get me wrong.. I do know & understand she’s the only one who done for him when he was younger. It’s only right she gets some money. But I feel her attitude about it is all wrong.. you are his mom, you shouldn’t get special privileges for doing your job. The money is a minor issue.. it’s that ugly behavior.

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