My 1st mother's day

It should be a special day, but I am not feeling special at all. Every day is mother's day as it should be, but we get maybe 1 or 2 days in the year to feel super special and I don't. My fiance used to be soooo romantic and thoughtful when we first started dating and now he doesn't even get me flowers unless I nag him enough (and it's only worked 2 or 3 times in almost 4 years we have been together). He says it's a waste of money and doesn't understand that he should do it simply because it makes me happy. I have to constantly remind him that I fell inlove with him because of how thoughtful he always was and he gets upset and says I'm complaining. No, I'm not. Just cause you got me doesn't mean you should stop trying to continue making me fall inlove. I see other people basically bragging about their man and how amazing they are and all the nice stuff they buy them and here I am feeling stupid because I can't even get a handwritten card. I don't ask for him to spend money. It can be something like making me breakfast and making me feel like I'm special. I go above and beyond for him constantly and I don't even feel special half the time. It sucks to feel this way. Sometimes I don't recognize the man I fell inlove with.