Am I wrong for being me at him

So me and my boyfriend were FaceTime today and let me just catch you up on or relationship real quick . we’ve been a long distance relationship for 3 months know . I decided I wanted to move to follow my dreams .

Okay so we were Face timing today and he asked me ...... what’s wrong I’ve noticed you haven’t been your self for like the past 3 days to witch I replied idk i just feel mad I’m not mad at you I’m just irritated.

He asked me if I was on my period and I told him no that I was actually thinking about going to a Dr because I’ve never had a regular period it’s always on and then off for 3 -6 months some times more . I then went to make a comment of “sometimes it makes me nervous to think this can affect my future and possibly not be able to have kids. “Take in mind my boyfriend and I have had the kids and marriage talk already yes we’ve came to the conclusion that one day we will get married but that moment hasn’t come yet .

This is were I got mad .

After I said that comment he said in a laughing way haha yeah if you couldn’t have kids I’d say bye to you

Me : ohhh so if I couldn’t have kids then you would leave me

Him: well I do want kids

Me: said nothing

Him: but don’t worry about that you don’t need that pressure right know

Me: it’s not pressure it’s not even really about knowing if I can get pregnant it’s about my health.

Deep down it heart to know that if I wasn’t able to have kids he would leave me . Am I wrong for being mad ? Was it just the fact that I had been irritable for the past few days or was it just the fact that what he said was super rude . Lady’s give me your thoughts on this !