Playing mind games?

I met this boy on tinder. We started talking and soon found out we lived down the street and our parents are friends. He is going Thur the divorce. He is in the reviewing process. And his ex or almost ex is pregnant. He wanted to hang out but I told him he needed to finalize his divorce and then we can hang out. But until then I wanna text and get to know him. Well we talked for one day and then he stopped talking to me and would text me random times like 12am. Small conversations about how his day sucked and stuff like that. Well today I went to church and saw him and we talked a little. And he said he wants to be friends till divorce is final and then see where it goes from there. I think he is cute. I just got done with my divorce and have a baby girl. But I’m confused because if he wanted to get to know me and stuff would he not be texting me more and wanting to talk instead of when he gets home from being out and about to go to bed? I don’t wanna play games and be played. Am I reading into this too much! I see he is on social media all day. But no texting.