Migraine 😓


So I’m getting a migraine. I haven’t had one in months.

It’s pounding but I know it will get worse. But I’m already getting the light sensitivity, my ears are pounding and ringing. Tingling in my left leg (I get motor function problems with migraines and that’s how it starts). I can’t move my head out of the position it’s in (facing down) or else it’s just brutal.

I used to use sumatriptan but it just worsens it nowadays. I had prescription pain relief but I’d have to drive to the chemist to get it (can’t exactly look forwards so I’m not sure what to do).

My partner doesn’t want to drive, I told him I’m probably going to just drive myself soon because I can’t handle it if it gets worse. He just said ‘be careful’.

Anyone have any home remedies I could try before trying to drive anywhere (besides cold packs and I’m allergic to anti-inflammatory meds).