Interview for Bi-lingual position

Call me Cris 😜 • Life is what you make it 🙃👍🏼

I work as a security officer at Housing Building for my city. In my time here, I’ve made a handful of friends that actually work for housing. One of which, left because she was given a better opportunity elsewhere. Her position was for a bi-lingual applicant interviewer. Her boss told me I should apply and has insisted over and over again that it would be good for me to leave security and do something else. They offer $5 more per hour than my current job and benefits. So of course I’m interested.

Problem is: I feel so incredibly under qualified. I’m scared I’m going to screw it up somehow. I’m fluent in English and Spanish and understand Portuguese enough to hold a basic conversation. Spanish and English is what’s required. And I’m sure I can do it. But when I get nervous I tend to revert back to English and stutter a little in Spanish. Only when I’m nervous. English is my first language and Spanish is my native. I’m JUST a security guard. I don’t think I’m good enough. I’m so scared. What if I let him down??? He has so much faith in me. He knows my brother and my dad.

Should I do this?? Or turn it down and save myself from a possible embarrassment?? Please help me.