He's nervous and I'm like 🤷‍♀️ update


UPDATE: He prescribed clomid, and a z pak for the HSG. I have to clear all this with transplant first. My fiance is having his analysis next month. I hope this all works. I'm just confused because I heard of other people going to RE's with PCOS and theyd start them off with a diet or metformin. Wouldnt metformin be the safer thing to start with? Or does it not help with ovulation at all?.

tomorrow evening we have an initial consultation with an RE. My fiance's nervous. I, on the other hand am not. I have been to the RE before for an initial consultation in 2014. He is the one that diagnosed me with PCOS. I didn't continue any follow ups than because I wanted to wait until after my kidney transplant to take things more seriously. My reasoning for going in the first place is I always thought there was something wrong because my cycles were never normal. No one told me I even had pcos til I saw him. I am glad I know now.

Anyway, it's 2019 I am 3 years post kidney transplant and we have been TTC and.. nothing.

So. I'm actually looking forward to the appointment. And my fiance` on the other hand is all, what if we can't have kids. I said we wont know that til we see him, get all the testing done, have a plan set in place and try.

I wish he wasn't thinking the worst about it.