Possibly brain dead

Dannielle • I have 4 wonderful boys who are 10, 7, 2 and born February 2019!

Possible Trigger warning

My best friend of 20 years had trouble conceiving for years. They had 2 miscarriages but never gave up hope. Last year they got the news they were expecting. This time twins! Then found out boy/girl twins! Everyone was over the moon excited! She was due April 19th but had them March 25th and for the most part they were healthy, her baby girl needed a few days in NICU for jaundice and needing some extra oxygen. After a few days both babies came home and everything was picture perfect. Honestly, they were meant to be parents. They loved those babies beyond words. Then tragedy struck. At the end of April they had to rush their son to the hospital. They did tests but everything came back negative and after 24 hours of antibiotics he was doing great and came home. 2 days later they had to rush him back. This time after further tests they found out he had group B strep and it had turned into meningitis and went to his brain. They had him on all kinds of medicines and they have tried letting his sister in his crib which showed positive results in his vitals however they are showing no neurological activity they are afraid brain death has occurred. I feel completely helpless. They are in Florida and I am in Indiana. I can't go to them as I have a 2 month old and 3 other kids of my own. My sister is possibly loosing her baby and I can't do a thing. So I come to largest group of ladies I can think of and beg for you to please pray, send good vibes, light candles, whatever it is you do but he needs a miracle. It will absolutely crush them to lose their baby. His sister needs him too. They are so close in every picture of them they are always looking for each other always searching for the others hand or some physical connection with each other. I have been praying every day multiple times for a miracle. Maybe his brain just needed some rest while his body recovered. Something anything! Please pray for baby Jim!

UPDATE: baby Jim officially gained his angel wings at 1215 today. Please pray for his twin sister and his parents and family