Apparently I don’t “look” pregnant 🧐

RS • Baby girl born August 2019👶🏻 💕 Baby #2 Oct 2021 ✨

Had an appointment today and a new MA checked me in and took my vitals, she just kept staring at me in a strange way and made the visit feel super awkward, then as she finished taking my vitals and was leaving the room she says “um you don’t even look pregnant” 😒 lol I wasn’t bothered by her comment because I do look more fat/bloated vs pregnant but I think the way she was staring and how she said it was super uncomfortable lol I’m not one to get sensitive but as a new MA she better hope she doesn’t say that to the wrong mama one day lol I’m almost 27 weeks and I think I look pregnant I’m just very tall so maybe it doesn’t show as much as some 🧐 just took this pic after a nice yummy lunch lol sometimes I do wish it would show more when I wear clothes because it is more obvious in tighter clothes than not lol