Don't give up

Trigger warning⚠️⚠️⚠️

I'm not sure if this belongs here or how to word this but no matter if you've been ttc for 5 days or 5 years, naturally or with intervention, dont give up your time will come, I got off the nexplanon in December of 2017 and expected to get pregnant right away like most stories iv heard, I should have a 7/9 month old right now but instead I'm 5 months pregnant, 12 irregular cycles after getting off of nexplanon and a miracle happened I didnt think with how my cycles were ranging from 2 times a month to 40 days that I'd ever conceive naturally but I did, keep trying dont give up.

(What I did that last cycle was new years drinking and some thc ((=less stressed out around ovulation time))) and keeping a diva cup in for 36 hours after sex (gross I know but I think it may have helped) keep in mind I did the diva cup thing the other 11 cycles but never for that long 2 hours max.

Baby dust to all.