How did you know that you was ready to start a family?

Katie • Pregnant with first baby ❤️

My partner and I have been together 9 years, we marry in August this year. Before I met him, I never wanted to get married or have children but he changed everything for me. My mum had a very traumatic birth with me and often spoke about it whilst I was a child, this and some other things have added to my excessive fear of pregnancy as well as giving birth. About 3 months ago, I finally decided that I wanted to try carry a baby and found a local pregnancy counsellor to help me talk through some of my thoughts. They had a long waiting list and I finally have my first weekly appointment starting next week. I still have the same worries as I did 3 months ago but, it feels like my want to start a family is gradually, slowly outweighing my fear. It also felt like a weight had been lifted after I first spoke to the counsellors, explained what I was feeling and they said they could help me. How did you know that you was ready? Did it gradually happen over time? Was you right? This is the most I’ve ever wanted to start a family but I still worry if it’s enough! Please be kind. Thank you