Which birth control? Side effects?

I’m looking to start bc again after a few bad experiences with the pill and I’m not sure whether to go back on the pill or on Implanon.

I was on Ovranette but it gave me awful panic attacks and what felt like depression, and then I was on the mini pill mercilon and I put on a lot of weight/ had symptoms of depression and bad mood swings.

I was on Yasminelle too but I was having mood swings/ nightmares and nose bleeds.

I thought I’d try Implanon [the bar] but itsgoing to cost probably about €250, and if it affects me the same way as above then that’s such a waste of money.

I really don’t want to be taking risks but I don’t want to have those awful side effects. What should I do?

I read that with the implant you have to stick it for a few months and then it sorts itself out?