I am absolutely TRAUMATIZED storytime

So like 20 minutes ago. Me and my bf were doing this position

Except he was standing at the edge of the bed and my hips are barely hanging off. (FUCKING BOMB POSITION)

But anyways, we have a dog and we had just finished and I pulled his head down to kiss him a little more, and my legs were still on his shoulders so my entire butthole and vagina are open range and OUR DOG CAME UP AND LICKED ME FROM BUTTHOLE TO CLIT.

And I stg we have never laughed so hard in our lives but at the same time I feel so grossed out. She is usually always in the room with us cause we have a roommate and she ALWAYS leaves us alone while we’re banging BUT NOT TODAY.

So I have learned from this situation and I will never let our dog be in the room with us again haha. Has anyone ever had this happens before and anything similar I feel so gross now I can’t not unfeel it