2nd trimester fun


Funny moment between my hubby and Me. Thought y’all would enjoy and understand lol

I walked out of the bedroom after throwing up lunch to find my hubby shirtless folding laundry. So I tried to kiss his neck and attempted a little seduction which probably was laughable but oh well he knows I’m a dork.

Hubby, “ um what are you doing?”

Me, “ I was trying to convince you to do me instead of the laundry.”

Hubby, “ you just threw up...a lot!”

Me, “ So? I brushed my teeth!”

Hubby, “How can you go from hurling to horny?..... nevermind your pregnant probably the same way you can go from wanting to kill me to wanting to riding me after I broke the coffee pot yesterday. Your lady wood can wait.... your mom called she’s almost here and I’m more scared of her then I am you go put your pants on!

Pouting didn’t help I still had to go with my mom to this boring movie.