Missed period but not pregnant?


My last period was on March 27 - 31. I have an IUD and we use the pull out method. I had some discharge before my period was supposed to start but never really bleed like I usually do. Also, finals were going on at this time and the stress of going long distance with my boyfriend.

Still havent gotten my period and its nearing the end of May. On may 3rd, I did experience some weird vertigo and dizziness with some headaches. Went to the ER and found nothing wrong. I had a pregnancy test then and they said it was negative. Took some medicine and luckily the vertigo/dizziness never came back.

I havent had any other symptoms or signs of pregnancy. Should I take another test to be sure it wasnt a false negative? Or just wait?

Sorry for the long post but with Alabama doing their restriction on abortion, it's been stressing me out because if I need to do something its gotta be now. Thank you!!!