Lower abdomen pressure? 37w 3d


For the last 3 or 4 days I started getting a lot of low abdomen pressure. Friday night in fact I questioned it because it lingered for so long and was very uncomfortable.

Came and went yesterday and now this afternoon it came back and it’s even more intense!

Especially when I’m standing or walking it is bad.

It is moreso pressure but can’t differentiate between if it’s JUST pressure or if it’s due to some contractions (tightening) or what.

Last weeks appt my cervix was very soft but wasn’t dilated yet. Midwife said she would be surprised to see me at my next appt which is in 2 days! Due to her thinking I may go into labor before then.

So far nothing but more intense pressure.

Anyone have ideas, or experience about this? Hoping labor is coming soon!