No PMS signs but still get period

Jordan • 21 • Married • Fur Mom • TTC #1 since April 2018

**Long post but need help please!!

I need advice or info! I usually have pretty bad cramps (front and back) and sore breasts/nipples before/during my period as well, and I usually have horrible cravings and I'm super irritable. Well this cycle the only symptom I have is irritability/overemotional. I did get my period though, just no symptoms.

I googled it and one source said if you have PMS symptoms, usually that is an indication of low estrogen and if you all of a sudden stop having PMS symptoms, that means your estrogen level is normal...

My question is, I had the depo shot from like Sept 2016-Sept 2017, but then no hormonal since then. Is it possible that it finally just left my body and that is why I'm no longer having symptoms and why my estrogen level could have evened out?

I can't remember what my symptoms were pre-birth control, but I think I had cramps then, too.

Otherwise, could anyone explain why I'm having no symptoms? Its very concerning for me.

ETA: I started working out consistently April 1 and also started somewhat of a healthy diet... could this affect my symptoms as well?