Confused B/H... 😕

Last night I lost a small chunk of my m/p. Today I have been having b/h all day long. They weren't coming in a timely consistency so I just brushed it off. Well the past two hours I've noticed they have been getting closer together. But not like 5 min apart close. Not all, but a couple have been accompanied by some very mild cramping/pain and felt intense to where I wanted to hold my breath through them. Some of them have also been accompanied by these sharp side/back cramps, that just started happening. I also felt the urge to have a bowl movement but couldn't. Going to start timing them. But anyone else experience something similar and they finally died down?

I'm only 31 weeks, high risk for preterm but had my cervix checked last Monday and it was still very long and thick so I don't want to overreact just yet. Was hoping maybe some of you had some insight? Been resting and drinking water. Thank you!