UPDATES! Spotting after Orgasm at 4 weeks.

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So I orgasmed without any penetration and I'm spotting... a very light red when I wipe. According to the app I'm 4 weeks. Got 2 positive at home tests on Friday and Saturday and I was going to get an actual test done tomorrow. Is it common for spotting to happen after something like that? I'm so concerned. Please help.

After all that I've been through with this (short version in the comments) I finally have answers!!! I went back to the OB today and went over my results from blood testnon Thursday. My HCG level went from 38 to 400!! I am still pregnant! And they took more blood today to see if I'm high enough to see anything on an ultra sound and then we'll be scheduling one!! Thanks to all of you that said a prayer for me!!