Is this implantation or pregnancy??!?!

I had unprotected sex may 13. He didn’t ejaculate in me, he pulled out but he noticed white stuff around the back of his penis. We didn’t know if it was his or mine, he told me it’s most likely mines, because of the placement of it. But I wasn’t taking no chances and bought a plan b that day. I’ve been freaking out ever since. I’ve gotten some of my period symptoms like bloating and swollen breast but those are the same as early pregnancy. Its day 6 from the whole incident and i wipe to see blood so I put on a pad (picture 1) i had to change pads 4 hrs later, and now I have picture 2. Is this implantation or early pregnancy?!?!?! I bought a pregnancy test but I do not know if I should use it now or wait a couple days. Also my cycle is irregular but is longer than 28 days, my last period ended may 3. PLEASE HELP?!?!?!