Pregnant finally


So my story is I’ve been trying like really trying to get pregnant since 2016 with no luck well then I ran into this app Nd downloaded it Nd started keeping track of everything well the month of March was the first time I took an ovulation test witch was 1 very bright line Nd 1 very very faint line well 2 days later still same thing on my ovulation test so I just wait the 3 before glow said I was to ovulate to bd we bds everyday til ovulation day Nd skipped that day Nd started again the next day I also stopped keeping track of the days we would bd cus it would just make me nervous or I would forget to put it down so April 10 I had a period Nd it last 5 days Nd it came 6 days early normal for me cus for the 2 months they had been late with negative test so I knew I wasn’t well prolly May 1st I had been feeling funny my boobs was really sore but as like before I didn’t think anything only because my boobs r usually sore before my period so I decided to wait til my missed period to test here it is May 19th Nd 7 days Nd I’ve been craving fish eww Nd I dnt even like fish at all so I knew something was up Nd decided maybe I should take a test well a lil back story (I had been donating witch I’ve stopped) well today I decided to buy a test thinking its nothing ur af is coming soon cus I have also been having period like cramps so anyway I braught a test at first I thought it was blue dye til I took it then seen it was pink dye Nd lil to my surprise it was positive 2 bright pink lines best news ever I’ve prayed for this for so long Nd now it’s here Nd I feel like I’m in a dream I’m scared nervous Nd excited all in one right now I’m in shock Nd not sure how I’m supposed to feel as soon as I dipped that stick in the pee it popped up with 2 lines yay