Have you found out about a pregnancy from looking hours later?

I KNOW you aren’t supposed to read them out of the time frame but when I found about with our first I had taken the test and looked at it about six hours later and it had turned positive. So I went out and got a digital and sure enough I was pregnant. Most of the time, when I have taken pregnancy tests in the past two years (TTC #2 for over two years) there won’t be a line even hours later. Yesterday’s test was different. I’m sure it’s just an evap line but with my prior experience I can’t help but thinking, even though I have all the classic PMS symptoms (cramps, acne). I took the test 13 dp <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">iui</a> procedure. And I’m just looking for experience in the above question. I don’t need anyone telling me it’s invalid. I know that that is the norm, I’m just wanting to know if anyone else experienced the same thing that I did with my first pregnancy.

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